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Seena Narayanan
Senior Research Associate & Assistant Museum Curator
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Seena is a Senior Research Associate & Assistant Museum Curator at ATREE. She takes care of the ever-growing insect collection at the ATREE Insect Museum- Bangalore (AIM-B) by curating, cataloging and systematically storing them. She helps in the identification of insects, maintains database of the specimens deposited in the museum and oversees the co-ordination of the field collections, lab work and taxonomy based specimen correspondence.

She is intrigued by the dung beetles, driven by which she decided to take up the biosystematics of scarabaeine dung beetles of southern Western Ghats as the topic of her Ph.D. research. She holds a Master’s Degree in Zoology from University of Calicut with specialization in Entomology and M. Phil. Degree from the same University with specialization in Parasitology. She is an EOL Rubenstein Fellow and has prepared species pages for the Scarabaeine dung beetles of the Indian subcontinent which has been shared on the India Biodiversity Portal (IBP), a map-based wiki focused portal maintained by ATREE; which is also an incipient content partner of the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL). Three new species of dung beetles has been discovered and named by her.

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SNEHA HARIDAS, HARSHA MALHOTRA, SEENA NARAYANAN KARIMBUMKARA, DHARMA RAJAN PRIYADARSANAN 2022 Dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) of Northeast India – Patterns and gaps in discovery DOI: 10.12976/JIB/2022.32.1.3